Initial Project Assignment: Image Remix
Assignment Overview:
Create 3 images using digital and analogue image manipulation techniques learned in class. Post images to the public Flickr group for the class. Present images to the class with a short explanation of your concept, sources and process. After the presentations, the class will openly critique and compile a written responses to each other’s work on the class wiki (Basecamp.)
Assignment Objective:
This assignment will explore ways in which a still image is created through digital and analog assemblage techniques. You should be considering how each technique produces different results and limits, expands or informs the creative process, from beginning (research) to ending (execution).
Each student will produce three assembled, remixed images:

  1. Image created from found sources within the physical world
  2. Image created from found sources within the digital world
  3. Image created from both the digital and physical world.

Review Process:
All three images will be printed, mounted and critiqued in class, as well as the three images will be uploaded to the student’s Flickr page and posted within the class’s public Flickr group for on-line discussion. You must include a title and short descriptive paragraph for each of three images. You can consider how your title and description effect the viewer’s response to the image and how the meaning of the image is maleable depending on the context in which it is read by the viewer.
Technical Requirements:
The assignment will cover the basics of Photoshop (or any other image-manipulation software) and real-world cutting and pasting. Do not feel limited in the choice of digital software you choose, or the final analog assemblage technique, simply be ready to support why and how your chosen technique was appropriate. You must also abide by all fair use guidelines and cite your sources appropriately.
Assignment Reflection:
Through the process of the assignment students will ask questions of why one technique is more appropriate than the other and how the technical component influenced the process and final images. The assignment will also allow for inquiry and discovery into the realm of remixed images and explore how a remix functions as critical work, such as developing an artistic, political, or scholarly statement. The final images will be shown in class as well as online, so the students will also begin learning how their work is received within an academic environment vs. the open community.
Each assignment will be graded by three categories:

  1. Technical component (the extent to which your technique was appropriate and aesthetically successful)
  2. Concept (the extent to which the concept clear and focused into a critical statement)
  3. Reflection (the extent to which your verbal presentation, your written components, and your responses to feedback were grounded and applicable to your concept)

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