What's the Point?

Dalton Ghetti has perfected his craft of micro-sculptures and generated a viral email campaign with his work. However, after you view his artwork and then perhaps paid it forward by writing a blog post, tweeted or forwarded it on to a friend, is there an answer to the quintessential question every artist faces… “What’s the point?”
In Dalton Ghetti’s situation, the answer might be hiding in the point of a #2 pencil, but after close inspection, I have yet to find any meaning beyond the tenor of those “artists” who can write your name on a grain of sand.


  • sashaanawalt
    October 10th, 2010 · Reply

    the point to me, the the point of the pencil, mostly, much is possible. These are extraordinary and expand the limits.

  • sashaanawalt
    October 17th, 2010 · Reply

    You have such a strong visual aesthetic. I am loving what you choose to highlight.
    Now how are you getting your blog out there? Branded? Called attention to?
    This is good work, Ian. Keep adding on, every day or every other day, if you can.

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