SYTYCD and Gatorade – "For that Deep Down Body Thirst"

[youtube=] Gatorade has quenched yet another “deep down body thirst” and man does it taste good.  The recent SYTYCD business deal with Gatorade really hits the spot by marking a historic moment for dance. It’s plausible that the recent business venture between Gatorade and SYTYCD will propel contemporary dance into the World Olympics. Fingers crossed, professional dancers will leap over this historic hurdle and take the ranks among other great Olympians.

With the guidance and inspiration from my Journalism class, I’ve refined my thinking on this project into doing a “whimsical” sports piece. This slightly satirical piece will incorporate “skits” with the Dancer, the Doctor, the Star, and the Brass. The production will be “brought to you by” Gatorade.

In order to drive content for the production and highlight this momentous occasion in dance history, I’m asking the following questions to these “dance-athlete” brand key stakeholders.

The Dancer (America’s Best Dancer, season 7 winner)
Do you feel like this is a unique moment in the history of dance?
Do you think dance competitions will be in the Olympics?
Which is more important to you, the ad spot with Gatorade or the title of “America’s Best Dancer?”
Does Gatorade satisfy your deep down body thirst?
Do you have any current sponsors?
Do you consider yourself a professional dancer, athlete, celebrity, or entertainer?
Will you plug the G2 campaign for me? Say, “This is, [] and I’m America’s best dancer. “I proudly drink G2” “I love Gatorade”
The Star (Chelsie Hightower)
Does Gatorade get you through difficult trainings?
Have you tried Gatorade’s recent product G2? Do you like it?
When did you make the decision that you wanted to become a professional dancer?
When did you first try Gatorade?
Can you sing this jingle: “Gatorade is thirst aid, for that deep down body thirst”
The Doctor (Chiropractor Dr. Nathan Shadel)
Do you prescribe Gatorade to your patients?
Does gatorade help you with your practice?
Do you have any current sponsors backing your operation?
How about outside the office, do you drink G2?
Please say, “Take two G2’s and call me in the morning.”
The Gatorade Brass (TBD)
Have you ever been in a dance competition?
How do you think this deal will affect the dancers of tomorrow?
How do you feel about your self-proclaimed power to “brand” these dancers as professional athletes?
How much money was involved in the deal and how will you measure the success of this brand?
What’s the next realty show you’ll be sponsoring?
The SYTYCD Brass (TBD)
What motivated this deal with Gatorade?
Will the dancer see any of the profits generated by the ad campaign?
Does G2 help you get through long meetings?
Does Gatorade make it into staff picnics?
What is your favorite flavor of G2?

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