LOVE Backwards

©EVOL - Photo by EVOL

“EVOL” is “LOVE” backwards, right? We’ve all heard this meme, but only a few of us have seen the street art created by the one who goes by EVOL. EVOL is a Berlin artist currently making work by pasting architectural photographs on banal urban surfaces. EVOL transforms electrical boxes, air conditioning units, planters, mailboxes and other geometric city forms into miniature buildings. EVOL often embellishes his structures with small characters peering out of the windows. EVOL’s work is now in different cities and he has been commissioned to do installations in galleries. EVOL has transformed entire blocks with miniature buildings and was featured in Berlin’s renowned ART magazine when it ran its first article on street art.

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  • sashaanawalt
    November 28th, 2010 · Reply

    You always make me discover things and people. What an eye. Thanks! Love Evol.

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