Lego Lust

In 2009, James Sherrett, on ADHACK wrote that he likes LEGO and doesn’t want to stop liking LEGO, but this campaign makes him feel creepy.

Perhaps most viewers would agree with Mr. Sherrett after seeing this campaign, but others (including myself) are humorously intrigued by it. In fact, the audience that sees these images might be tickled to the point of LEGO product consumption. Granted, this ad campaign is very uncharacteristic for LEGO, but the curiousity and creativity that the ads exhibit is a success in it’s own regard. Also noteworthy is that LEGO is keenly catering to its male-centric audience demographic, even the ones that “feel creepy” after seeing the images.

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  • Tamara
    July 17th, 2011 · Reply

    Gives new meaning to being ‘stacked’.

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