Music consumption on the new "Highway 61"

After hearing about the improved full-frame, cinched-up redesign of thesixtyone’s website, I stopped by for a look and a listen. If you are unfamiliar with thesixtyone’s concept and brand niche, here’s what the company says about itself, “On thesixtyone, new artists make music and listeners decide what’s good. We’re nurturing a growing ecosystem where talented folks can sell songs and merchandise directly to their fans.” Considering all the current ways artists can sell music directly to their fans (iTunes, SoundCloud, and CDBaby) this concept seems over-played. However, thesixtyone website creates an immersive listening, watching and learning experience that is more entertaining compared to similar business models. Perhaps it’s the best music retail experience on-line.
thesixtyone continues, “We’re named after Highway 61, a U.S. route that runs along the Mississippi River and marks the origin of American music culture. Muddy Waters, Bob Dylan and B.B. King rode the 61. Elvis grew up in the housing projects along it. Highway 61 was the road by which people left their homes to take their music to the world.” The thinking and articulation of the brand name is well produced, but only time will tell if thesixtyone will emerge as a popular and well-traveled highway for music consumption.
Screen shot of thesixtyone's website interface –
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  • ioana
    November 5th, 2010 · Reply

    Great find! Thank you for sharing!!!

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