at the center

Ouroboros etching by Lucas Jennis
Ouroboros etching by Lucas Jennis


as he walks the earth

he sees things as they really are

infinitely reborn

like white dwarfs and red giants

dying stars show us

that we are not alone

we are the eternal return

salvation delivers the answer

destiny bears the key

he unlocks the secrets of perception

burning his eyes in the sun

as it sets

he writes words

lingering into the dusky nights

his paper soon finds ideas

enscribed upon it

he has learned how

to escape the impossibility

of immortality

– by Ian Evenstar


  • ioana
    November 6th, 2010 · Reply

    I’ve read your poem and because it inspired me, I’ve translated it in Romanian. It sparkles even in another foreign language. I thought you’d want to see the design of words that vibrate the same meaning, in a distant foreign language.
    So here it is:
    in timp ce trece peste pamant
    vede lucrurile asa cum sunt
    intr-o continua renastere
    precum pitici albi si uriasi rosi
    stelele care se sting
    demonsteaza ca nu suntem singuri
    noi suntem eterna reintoarcere
    mantuirea vine cu raspunsul
    destinul tine cheile
    sloboada secretul intelegerii
    arzandu-I ochii in soarele
    care apune
    el scrie cuvinte
    care plutesc in intunericul de dupa inserare
    hartia gaseste idei
    deja gravate in albu-i
    a invatat deja cum
    sa scape imposibilitatii
    de nemoarte

    • ianevenstar
      November 6th, 2010 · Reply

      Ioana, thank you. You are absolutely right, these words do sparkle in Romanian. It would be great to hear this translation read aloud someday.

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