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The main message:

A casual tour of some modern schools or universities can make the observer wonder why any decent child or person would consent to stay in one today. Teachers and security guards beaten and killed, students glazed eyed with drugs draped across doorways and desks. It can be a desperate arena and the subjects taught are not subjects anymore but confusions.

Reading, writing and arithmetic seem to have become perplexity, illiteracy, and mystification. In the war mad days of nineteenth century germany the psychologists spawned a technology of degrading all men to animals. He is in charge of your schools today. It is compulsory training in every grade and teacher level to regard all students and friends as treacherous beasts and atheists.
Where the older generation did not stand this rape of education, should they criticize members of the younger generations who draw aside from the beast to attack it in the blank and try to civilize a monster that their parents supported and helped create. The schools the taxes pay for today are not the schools the older generation has such fond memories of. Busted, beaten and dismayed, going nowhere and learning nothing at vast parental expense.
One need not be very questioning as to why a student would bolt his school and go to people who can teach and who are making in roads to school reform. One can hide and pretend and say without any inspection and evidence that we are not doing anything about it. The facts, statistics and rooms filled with documents prove that we are doing something about it.

This video remixes propaganda from three diametrically opposed sources:

  1. The Church of Scientology
  2. The Anonymous Legion (aka Anonymous)
  3. Corporate news stations

Anonymous is a hacker / activist group, aka “hacktivist,” currently gaining tremendous momentum and global attention. They are responsible for the creation of wikileaks, and multiple successful computer hacks on NATO, PS3, FBI, Paypal, and other corporate entities. Anonymous has a very interesting history beginning with their origins on a Japanese image board. On the image board, anonymous members posted an image and text as an idea, and the best images remained at the top of the board and the ones that failed to gain traction were removed. In many ways, this was an early archetype of internet memes.
Almost a decade later, Anonymous has grown in membership and developed “targets” for their DDOS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks. Several of the key characteristics of Anonymous is that the group has no leader and no central base. This is by design so that if the FBI catches one or many of the Anonymous Legion, the group will continue multiplying like a virus. The group claims that because they are so decentralized, that they are not a group of people, but rather an idea. An idea that can spread like a virus and cannot be eliminated. All of the Anonymous “targets” are voted in the same way that the original image board worked. One of the original and on-going targets of Anonymous is The Church of Scientology. Anonymous has released relentless attacks on Scientology and in return, The Church of Scientology has retaliated. Also, now that Anonymous has numerous targets within the corporate and government institutions around the globe, the corporate media is waging war against them by position the group as terrorists.
This video emulates a recruitment video for Anonymous using an archival audio track that was originally audio propaganda distributed from The Church of Scientology disseminated to parents. The Church’s audio cassette encouraged parents to let their sons and daughters drop out of school and join Scientology. I am using the audio from Scientology’s tape, which critiques public education, and repositioning it as propaganda for Anonymous. By doing so, I am convoluting the agendas of these two apposing entities and confusing who is saying what. I believe that many religions, politicians, activists groups, etc. hold similar views and opinions when compared closely to the groups that they are diametrically opposed to. I believe that many entities, individuals and organizations who are at war with someone, really have common ground, perhaps if not in the ends, at least in the means and methods to achieve their objectives.
My aim in this remix is to show that when the vantage point of propaganda is given to a different author, source, or voice, the message morphs and easily fits the new person. In this case, the voice of Scientology is given to the very group that despises them, Anonymous. Conversely, the words of Scientology which must leave a bitter taste in the mouths of Anonymous appear as though Anonymous is saying these words in the most genuine and authentic way. The words are used to recruit members to Anonymous, even though the same words were used to recruit young Scientologists. At the end of the clip, I included cuts from corporate news coverage that warn the general public about Anonymous, but I believe when these clips are set to music and appropriated, it actually entices the viewer to empathize with Antonymous rather than against them.

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