A "Brand" vs. "Branding"

Do you know what a “Brand” is? Do you know what “Branding” is? Here’s a hint, one is a verb and one is a noun. A brand is often confused with a logo and branding is often equated to the process of creating a logo. I’ve heard many people and companies after creating a logo, exclaim, “I have a brand!”

But the distinction between a brand, a logo, and branding is quite clear. Let’s explore this a bit more together.
A brand is the perception your customers have about you. It’s their idea of your company, product or service’s personality. It’s not what YOU say or think it is, it’s what THEY say it is. Branding on the other hand is the effort to control that perception.
A brand is not something that can be seen, measured, defined. It’s intangible and abstract, it exists only as an idea in the mind of your audience, but with branding, the directed effort to get inside the mind of your audience does help to encourage them to think a certain way.
As the saying implies, “people judge themselves (e.g. their brand) by their own intentions, but ultimately the people around you will judge you (e.g. your band) by your actions and personality.”

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