It’s another beautiful day.

I am driven by a personal mission of creating work that inspires others and fulfills the soul. To this end, I aim at always learning, always sharing, always searching to find the solution within the process. Without compromise, I put the quality of the work ahead of personalities and progressively seek out opportunities to help others grow. The principles of purpose, mastery, and autonomy motivate me to be the best that I can be.

I am the Founder and Creative Director for the digital agency, UNINCORPORATED. I am also an executive level “white-hat” for a reputable consultancy group and PR firm. In my early career, I was an art director, professional photographer, and artist.

Before establishing my agency, I was the Director of Design for the USC Design Studio. Before USC, I was an art director for a boutique advertising agency in Hollywood and helped them build their web and digital marketing services.

After 18 years as a creative professional specializing in web design and digital marketing, I still see myself as a beginner, hungry to learn and help my team and my clients succeed.

I have won several national and international awards for branding, design, and marketing. I have a BFA from USC in photography and design. My fine art (photography and video installations) were curated in national exhibitions. While I was the Director of Design at USC, I also attended the USC Annenberg School of Communication for my M.A. in the Specialized Journalism (The Arts) program.

One of my unfinished professional goals is teaching at a University, but my life’s mission is just being the man my dog already thinks that I am.

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