The Light and the Dark

“Life is knowing ourselves through shared experiences and reaffirming our place in the continuum of darkness dancing in the light.” – Ian Evenstar

Cover of "Darkness over Tibet (Mystic Traveller Series)

Cover of "Darkness over Tibet (Mystic Traveller Series)

Darkness Over Tibet, by Theodore Illion is an allegoric story describing Illion’s travels in Tibet. Illion’s stories are clearly symbolic but many people debate if they have any basis or facts at all. Theodore Illion isn’t even a verifiable person and determining the accuracy of these stories is difficult. Illion’s tales are counterintuitive to the compassion and love that Eastern philosophies are attributed because Illion’s journey details Tibet’s “dark spirituality” infused with the black magik and mysticism of the lamas.

What is more important than the literal accuracy of Illion’s stories is the basic principles that they outline. Primarily, Illion discovers that life is darkness and light, and all beings move upwards or sink downwards.

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It is essential…

“It is essential to feel the pain of others if we are ever going to understand ourselves fully.” – Ian Evenstar