Surf “Survivor”

A video about a man’s struggle with the loss of his brother and the solace and comfort that surfing brings during his time of transition. He has survived the loss of his brother and remarks that it’s surfing that offers him a glimpse of peace and helps him deal with the “good days and the bad.”

Dark Side Of The Lens

The Dark Side Of The Lens, is a short story manifested from the mysterious depths of renowned surf photographer Mickey Smith. As a “silent workhorse of the surfing world” he explains, “I never want to take this for granted, so I try to keep motivation simple, real, positive.” While watching and listening to The Dark Side Of The Lens, I feel a familiar echo that resonates succinctly with the vibration of artists across the sands of time and the oceans of existence.

Nowhere, Now Here

I went to the 10th floor for a sip of water and the building manager was nowhere to be found.