Ageless Achievements


Dave Hobrecht is a master artist creating original artwork with obsessive detail and accuracy. Using his trademark technique – black&white charcoal painting – Hobrecht renders every polished detail with hand-crafted precision.

Hobrecht is pushing the limits of contemporary high-definition paintings and elevating his craft above the production value of photography. In each Hobrecht, the subject includes a historic (sporting) achievement. Hobrecht’s paintings enhances the viewer’s perception of the ageless perfection contained in “the moment.”

Hobrecht is passionate about art and his charismatic demeanor heightens the showmanship of his work.

The “Beast” from Down Under

Sydney based artist, Brad Eastman, aka “Beastman” is one of Australia’s most widely recognized emerging artists. His distinct graphic aesthetic uses bold, saturated colors outlined with heavy black strokes. Beastman’s refined technique depict monstrous creatures reminiscent of a child’s imagination. Many of Beastman’s creatures stare back at the viewer with open eyes and razor-toothed mouths ready to devour.

Surf “Survivor”

A video about a man’s struggle with the loss of his brother and the solace and comfort that surfing brings during his time of transition. He has survived the loss of his brother and remarks that it’s surfing that offers him a glimpse of peace and helps him deal with the “good days and the bad.”