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Around 1967 when text was first digitized, the pixel rendering of text allowed for the combination of images and texts to merge. Prior to this, images could only be applied to the edges of text pages. Since then, images and text have been inextricably woven together with the same rendering technology.

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‘Masterpieces’ by Georg Jensen featuring Alfredo Häberli captures a little bit of the magic that goes into the creative process. It also points to the fact that many people don’t have a true appreciation of the process, we just want to enjoy the finished gem.
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A “Brand” vs. “Branding”

Do you know what a “Brand” is? Do you know what “Branding” is? Here’s a hint, one is a verb and one is a noun. A brand is often confused with a logo and branding is often equated to the process of creating a logo. I’ve heard many people and companies after creating a logo, exclaim, “I have a brand!”

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22 Pistepirkko

Gary Rizzolo - "22-Pistepirkko"

Gary Rizzolo – “22-Pistepirkko”

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The “Right” to Wear it Proud!

Ever feel like your Constitutional rights are being stripped away slowly and surely? Well, now you can protest the new TSA X-ray scanners without opening your mouth or lifting a finger. There is clearly a “probable cause” to wear these 4th Amendment Metallic Ink printed undershirtsunderwear, and kidswear!

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Back Up on the DeLorean

The coolest 500GB external hard drive on the market is presented by Flash Rods, a company known for encasing digital storage devices with the badest cars ever designed. This epic Flash Rods model is the vintage ride from the movie Back to the Future starring Michael J. Fox. The stainless steel construction of this car is complete with 50’s style Moon Discs, a Flux Capacitor and Mr. Fusion Reactor. The only real difference between this disguised Seagate 500GB hard drive and the original Back to the Future DeLorean is you won’t need banana peels and stray garbage to get this into warp speed and ready for future computer back ups.

“Timefy” goes “Up and Down”

The essence of Jonathan Calugi is noodles of obsessed line design twisted with talent. Look for the title of each piece incorporated typographically.