Web Open Font Format

For many years, designers and programmers were limited to using the standard fonts for web pages. But now with WOFF, aka “Web Open Font Format,” designers and programmers can use a wide array of customization and font design without the need of flattening custom text into an image. Below are some screenshots of websites that showcase the new possibilities of typography on the web. All the text you see is editable, transferable, searchable and unique.  Yay!

Images and sites are courtesy of Lost World’s Fairs.

El Dorado




“Hyperphotos” by Jean Francois Rauzier

Below is a full frame image and a detailed snippet from one of  Jean Francois Rauzier’s “hyperphotos.”  Jean Rauzier’s “hyperphotos” are comprised of “600-3,400 individual photos,” so at this size it doesn’t do the work much justice. However, if you continue on to Rauzier’s website you’ll be intrigued by the level of depth and detail in every image.

The completed photos are documents of real places. Based on Rauzier’s process of documenting a single location with multiple images, Rauzier’s work has been compared to David Hockney’s stitched photographic scenes, although the Rauzier’s finished product is a seamlessly tiled image with clean edges throughout the entire composition.

For more of his work, please visit Rauzier’s website.

Full frame of "Citadelle 2" by Jean Razier

Full frame of "Citadelle 2" by Jean Razier

detail of "Citadelle 2" by Jean Razier

detail of "Citadelle 2" by Jean Razier

David Hockney "Pearblossom Hwy., 11-18th April 1986, #2" getty.edu

David Hockney "Pearblossom Hwy., 11-18th April 1986, #2" getty.edu

Mask of Greed

We all wear “masks” and beneath the surface there are alternate faces and personalities lurking.

Surf “Survivor”

A video about a man’s struggle with the loss of his brother and the solace and comfort that surfing brings during his time of transition. He has survived the loss of his brother and remarks that it’s surfing that offers him a glimpse of peace and helps him deal with the “good days and the bad.”

LA Artist’s Map: The Evan Holloway system

Artist, Evan Holloway enjoys “mapping.” In this piece, “Relative Frequency” made in ’08, Mr. Holloway mapped every letter of the alphabet based on the frequency that the letters are used in the English language. Around the circumference of an inner tube, Holloway placed the letters equidistant from each other and then suspended the inner tube around a vertical pole painted with 27 different colors. Based on the usage frequency of each letter there is a string tied from the letter to the corresponding color. The lines connect to the letter’s usage in language and the piece becomes a map of the alphabet.

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Special Moments

Feeling my way through the gusty gales of the cold fallen breeze now leaving. Bringing in the warm spring weather. Heading home as geese fly low this season.

Crying over broken hearts – I’m falling in love. Drinking from the same cup. Filled up. Pouring out the energy that is physically between – The world of the ancient and the land of the dream.

Dancing Beelzebub and deities. These shared experiences now called these special moments. They reaffirm our belief in the quantum loop and it is ours to call our own.

Dancing Beelzebub and deities. Finding courage to believe – that it’s possible. Anything. As long as it’s honest.

Eternally changing. All the good times and bad. Shedding tears that we had these special moments – to call our own.

– Ian Evenstar

It makes us see…

“Art does not reproduce what we see; rather, it makes us see.” – Paul Klee

It is essential…

“It is essential to feel the pain of others if we are ever going to understand ourselves fully.” – Ian Evenstar

“Will it Blend?” – #1 Viral Ad Campaign

Visible Measures and AdvertisingAge confirm that the #1 viral ad campaign on YouTube is an unknown hit.  The BlendtecWill it Blend?” series has surpassed all viral ad campaigns based on total views. Blendtec’sWill it Blend?” series grinds up the viral advertising effort of big name brands. Here are a few of its closest competitors — Dove’s Evolution, Evian’s Roller Babies, Old Spice‘s Odor Blocker, and Pepsi’s Rock You.


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“Meat” the Artist

Long before viewing Dimitri Tsykalov carnivorous creations, I decided that the vegetarian lifestyle was right for me. Whether or not you’ve resolved to alter your eating habits since being born into the predisposition of an omnivorous society, deciding if you want to consume Tsykalov’s artwork should be an easy conclusion.