Brand Identity Mashups

The trend to hybridize and “mashup” elements found within society is an inseparable characteristic of our postmodern world. Mashups occur in nearly every form of media including music, art, videos, books, advertising and news. The playful and sometimes unexpected derivatives of these mashups question the basic premise of intellectual property and have opened the proverbial “can of worms” when it comes to protecting copyrighted material. But before we get lost in the rabbit hole of ownership in today’s global market, let’s enjoy a few brand identity mashups from London design consultancy, johnson banks.

Through the “Eye” of Paul Klee

"1914" - Paul Klee

I’ve always been inspired by my mom’s love of art and her endless pursuit to find work in the arts. After she found a job in New York as an art dealer for a small SoHo gallery, she took me to an art museum for the first time in my life. I was 10 years old and I didn’t realize it then, but the museum is one of the greatest in the world – the New York Museum of Modern Art. We spent hours that day roaming the cavernous halls of paintings, drawings and sculptures, but of all the work I saw, there was one artist that resonated with me deeply. Until this day, the images of this artist remain burned in the retina of my mind’s eye. This artist is the great Paul Klee.
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Dark Side Of The Lens

The Dark Side Of The Lens, is a short story manifested from the mysterious depths of renowned surf photographer Mickey Smith. As a “silent workhorse of the surfing world” he explains, “I never want to take this for granted, so I try to keep motivation simple, real, positive.” While watching and listening to The Dark Side Of The Lens, I feel a familiar echo that resonates succinctly with the vibration of artists across the sands of time and the oceans of existence.

Cole Rise

“Cole Rise has spent the better half of his life taking pleasure behind the lens; stalking cows and lying in the grass to capture the landscape. He can’t tell you how big the universe is, or why we’re really here, but his work sometimes flirts with the idea of knowing.”

Artist’s Site

All images in this post are ©Cole Rise


Below are obscure videos from South African artist, Berni Searle who states, “without providing any definite answers, I think my work raises questions about attitudes towards race and gender.” In response, I find that the videos aren’t specific enough to either race or gender. To me, Searle’s work speaks more generally about the cyclical and ephemeral nature of existence.

All videos on this post are ©Berni Searle.

Pentagram’s Luke Hayman on How Multimedia is Transforming Branding

“The design firm’s logo for the Southeastern Center for Contemporary Art forecasts a novel approach to branding in the digital age.

The logo is animated. Its letters, in Monotype Grotesque, drift back and forth along a horizontal axis, sometimes bumping into each other, then overlapping, before splitting in opposite directions. SECCA is a newly renovated space in lush Winston-Salem, North Carolina, and it doesn’t have a permanent collection, which means that its galleries are constantly in flux. The logo is a clever expression of that identity. It also prompts the question: Is multimedia transforming branding?”

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Guillermo Bert is Branding America

This week’s featured LA Artist Guillermo Bert

From the series "Barcode"

Guillermo Bert – “Bar Code Series”

The work in the Bar Code Series is constructed by burning the images on wood, plastic or board surfaces with industrial techniques — digital technology, computer graphics and laser cutters —over which the artist applies a layer of gold-leaf or red, white and blue glossy candy enamel paints. The color palettes of red, white and blue reference American nationalism (secularism) and the gold-leaf process references the catholic or universal intent of religiosity (the sacred).

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Dance-Sport in the next Olympics?

Gatorade sponsors Fox’s hit show “So You Think You Can Dance” and for the first time in history recognizes dance as a professional sport. Will this recognition finally get “Dance-Sport” into the Olympics?

Celebrity choreographer’s Napoleon and Tabitha aka “Nappytabs” comment.

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Nowhere, Now Here

I went to the 10th floor for a sip of water and the building manager was nowhere to be found.

SYTYCD and Gatorade – “For that Deep Down Body Thirst”

[youtube=] Gatorade has quenched yet another “deep down body thirst” and man does it taste good.  The recent SYTYCD business deal with Gatorade really hits the spot by marking a historic moment for dance. It’s plausible that the recent business venture between Gatorade and SYTYCD will propel contemporary dance into the World Olympics. Fingers crossed, professional dancers will leap over this historic hurdle and take the ranks among other great Olympians.

With the guidance and inspiration from my Journalism class, I’ve refined my thinking on this project into doing a “whimsical” sports piece. This slightly satirical piece will incorporate “skits” with the Dancer, the Doctor, the Star, and the Brass. The production will be “brought to you by” Gatorade.

Are dance-athletes ruining the art form of dance?

Or… Is the new breed of dance professionals on a relentless path to show how far they can push their bodies and the boundaries of the dance art and industry?

Recently I found out that I would be producing a multi-media story about the finale of Fox‘s hit TV show, “So You Think You Can Dance.” I’ll have access to these world-class dancers and choreographers and a coveted back-stage pass in order to produce this story.  I’m learning how important this art form is and how popular the show and the dancers are. I’m particularly interested in how Gatorade is in hot pursuit of the dancers and beginning to capitalize on this market for the first time in history.

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So You Think You Can Dance – “Is it In You?”

G2 sports drinks

Gatorade leverages a new breed of "dance-athletes" to sell more G2 Sports Drink

For the first time in history, Gatorade has recognized dance as a sport and backed its announcement by signing a deal with FOX’s hit show, So You Think You Can Dance. Show creator, Nigel Lythgoe announced that Gatorade will market the winning dancer as the first ever dancer-athlete. This historic honor will be granted to the winning dancer in addition to the normal prizes of $250,000 cash and a cover of Dance Spirit magazine.  The winner of the “America’s Favorite Dancer” title will be featured with Gatorade as a dancer-athlete in a move by Gatorade to establish dance as a professional sport. The historic honor of being named the first ever dancer-athlete signifies a turning point in dance and begins to blur the line even further between dance, sports and artistic performance. Continue Reading →